Desolation Travel is the brainchild of a group of disenchanted westerners who are associated in some way or another with the London School in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The purchase (on a whim) of the domain name has led to the creation of a site where people can share travel experiences and photos and hopefully will grow from there to a world-dominating merchandising empire with lucrative media contracts and franchising opportunities. In the meantime, while we await the realisation of this beautiful and worthy ambition, we invite all Desolationists to come and share their memories of miseries and absurdities, incongruities and melancholies encountered while out in the big wide world. Pleasure travel to the more desolate and absurd corners of the Earth sometimes teaches us how to find beauty in the ugliest of things and how to take enjoyment from the most ridiculous of situations. More usually, it merely provides a wealth of miserable, uncomfortable and photogenically depressing experiences which make great blog material once the physical and mental wounds have healed . Either way, the story should be told and this is the place to tell it.